Tack Sale Flyer & Table Reservation for 2018. NEW DATE: January 14, 2018! Same great indoor and heated location!

State Delegate Meeting Attendance Form
To be eligible for show at the state 4H Show, you must attend 2 Horse & Pony Board Meetings, or Committee meetings. Take this form to your meetings to get it signed. 

2017 State Information Packet
2017 State Show Entry Form For State and Mini horse state.
2017 State Mini Horse Show Information Packet 
Rules on Qualifying for State 

Royalty Information Coming soon

2017 Floral City Point Shows Showbill

2017 Floral City Fuzzy Show Showbill

2017 Floral City End of Fair Show Showbill


2017 Premium Book

June Form Due June 15

Jumping Release Form-Must have to jump at fair, Due June 15

2018 Clinic Registration Form Coming Feb 2018



Donation Letter Coming Soon

FCC Registration Form Coming Soon

T-Shirt Order Form

Treasury Forms



22nd Saturday all day: Hippology Contest (MSU)

27th Thursday 5pm until finished: Fair Horse arena & Barn Clean up (Fairgrounds)


4th Thursday 6pm: Leaders to turn in May horse forms with all shots/coggins/colored photo (Activity Center)

4th Thursday 5pm until finished: Rain date / complete date Fair Horse arena & barn clean up (Fairgrounds)

8th Monday 7pm: 1st Mandatory Meeting to show at fair (Activity Center) Board Meeting to follow

12th Friday 8pm: 2st Mandatory Meeting to show at fair (Activity Center) Board Meeting to follow

12th-13th Friday & Saturday: Clinic weekend must preregister (fairgrounds)

13th Saturday AM: Royalty Contest must have preregistered / crowning at lunch of clinic (fairgrounds)

14th Sunday: Fuzzy warm up show (Fairgrounds)


12th Monday 7pm: Last Mandatory meeting to show at fair (Activity Center) Board Meeting to Follow

23rd-25th Friday – Sunday: Floral City Circuit Show (fairgrounds)

23rd-25th Friday-Sunday: State Horse Trail Ride (D Bar D Ranch)


14th -16th Friday-Sunday: Floral City Circuit Show (fairgrounds)

16th Sunday: State forms due. Turn in to booth one hour after show. NO EXCEPTIONS

21st Friday 5pm-10pm: Toledo Speedway Fundraiser.

27th Thursday 6pm- 9pm: Horse barn set up for fair

29th Saturday 4pm- 8pm: Horses hauled into fair

FAIR WEEK July 30th – August 5th


5th Saturday Haul horses home; Release by Superintendents at the close of fair.

11th-13th Friday-Sunday: State Show must qualify (MSU)

20th Sunday: Mini Pony State Show (MSU)